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Studying takes Determination, Commitment and Self-Discipline.


As a student of Vidyarathna Institute of Health Sciences ((VIHS), City Education Trust, Udupi You can get the support, to help you, focus on what really matters:

Vishwanath Shanbhag.jpg

Dr. Vishwanath Shanbhag

MS Ortho - Chairman

Your Studies & Your Future

Have the Experience of studying in our vibrant institute which has a well-equipped campus, at an outreach location.


Our College, Parent Hospital & Hostel is situated in the Heart of the City, surrounded by an ambient, quiet, natural atmosphere, with an added advantage, where, all the affiliated hospitals lies within a walkable distance from our Institution.


VIHS is located in a place which is easily accessible to public transport, a point to consider for those scholars, who prefer to commute daily.​


When you become a student of VIHS, it may be your first time away from home. It may all be very new to you.

Your studies will take up a lot of your time, to ensure your journey of studying at VIHS, exciting, productive and successful, you may need a hand of support and guidance, which can be extended by the experienced lecturers who have track records as respected academics and best in the industry.


The courses we offer are field-based that help student to develop relevant work skills, gain practical experiences, which can set students on the path to a great job.


When students study at VIHS, you’ll get the kind of experiences that will help you gain the knowledge and skills that will enhance a new perspective to their life.

Venkatesh Shanbhag.jpg

Dr. Venkatesh Shanbhag


Tara V Shanbhag.jpg

Dr. Tara V. Shanbhag


In VIHS, you’ll be supported by Faculties who are there for Students. Within a learning environment, where you are treated as an individual, not a number.


Students will be receiving individual attention, to make sure they get the support needed, to get the rewards for the hard work.


Our Institution provides help and guidance at every step of student’s life, from study planning at the beginning of academics, to adequate exposure to various clinical areas during the course of study to mould students professionally, until applying for a job at the completion of their studies.

Get personal one-to-one help from VIHS friendly experts, who have plenty of experience in helping students.


They’re on campus to offer advice, information and guidance. They will also provide information & assistance to utilise a range of scholarships options.


VIHS envisions the availability & accessibility of quality education to a student, by ensuring all the means in helping them to achieve their aspirations.


If you’re serious about your study and your future, VIHS is right behind you.

Indira Shanbhag.jpg

Dr. Indira V. Shanbhag


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